Improvements to Grimm

Improvements to Grimm

Yes, I've Been Lured In

When it comes to the written word being adapted to the screen, sometimes we wish we’d just stick to our favorite books. Not too long ago, I wrote about how much I disliked the new NBC program Grimm. I had originally been very excited about the show—being a lover of fantasy and fairytales, as well as crime shows and general drama, why wouldn’t I be?—but the first several episodes had greatly disappointed me. However, I’ve continued to give the show a chance—and I am now glad that I decided to do that, because the last few episodes have been pretty stellar.

When episodes with barely recognizable beasts and lackluster plot (along with a lack of women heroes, after the first couple of episodes) air, you tend to squint your eyes at the television and mutter curses to condemn the show to hell—well, at least, I did. But the last few episodes have dealt with recognizable characters, cool plots, and a couple of badass women, one whom I hope will be developed into an even more BAMF role.

We’ve had the three pigs featured, as well as a super cool wolf woman—our own Monroe’s old flame—who can seriously kick some butt (even though she’s a villain). We also had what was perhaps my favorite episode so far, featuring the pied piper, a murder mystery (aren’t they always murders?), and a pretty creative scheme. These episodes have been very enjoyable to watch and I look forward to more.

Nick’s girlfriend Juliette, however, also has me hooked. She has taken an even cooler active role, coming head to head with an ogre that Nick himself could not best, which was—forgive the repetition—super cool! I was worried that she might be a fairytale creature herself (her name, her look, her complete obliviousness and profession…), but now I’m hoping that she, too, will become a hunter like Nick and give the show some real fem-powerment.

Monroe is my last reason for watching more often because he’s made of awesome and he’s actually kind of hot. He’s taken on a much more active role as well, and I love the different things we find out about him in each episode—from his culinary expertise and profession to his pilates and wild history. If nothing else, I think I’d keep watching just to keep up with Monroe and see what happens to him.

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